Books on CA

Here is a(n incomplete) list of some books on cellular automata. They are published in English unless otherwise noticed. If you know additional books, please let me know.
  1. V. Aladjev and Ü. Hunt and M. Shishakov: Mathematical Theory of the Classical Homogeneous Structures (Cellular Automata),
    Gomel: TRG & VASCO & Salcombe Eesti Ltd.& Russian Academy of Noosphere, ISBN 9-063-56078-9.
  2. V. Aladjev and Ü. Hunt and M. Shishakov: Mathematical Theory of the Classical Homogeneous Structures,
    Gomel: BELGUPT Press, ISBN 5-063-56078-5.
  3. S. Achasova and O. Bandman and V. Markova and S. Piskunov: Parallel substitution algorithm: theory and application,
    World Scientific, ISBN 981-021777-3.
  4. Andrew Adamatzky: Identification of Cellular Automata
    Taylor and Francis, ISBN 0-7484-0172-5.
  5. Andrew Adamatzky (ed.): Collision-Based Computing,
    Springer, 2002, ISBN 1-85233-540-8.
  6. Victor G. Aladjev and Ü. Hunt and M. Shishakov: Mathematical Theory of the Classical Homogeneous Structures,
    BELGUT Press, ISBN 5-063-56078-5, (in Russian).
  7. Parimal Pal Chaudhuri and Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury and Sukumar Nandi and Santanu Chattopadhyay:
    Additive Cellular Automata: Theory and Applications Volume 1
    IEEE Computer Society, ISBN 0-8186-7717-1.
  8. Bastien Chopard and Michel Droz: Cellular Automata Modeling of Physical Systems,
    Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0-512-46168-5.
  9. Marianne Delorme and Jacques Mazoyer (eds.): Cellular Automata: a parallel model,
    Kluwer, ISBN 0-7923-5493-1.
  10. Max Garzon: Models of Massive Parallelism,
    Springer, ISBN 0-387-56149-8.
  11. Richard J. Gaylord and Kazume Nishidate: Modeling Nature,
    Springer, ISBN 0-387-94620-9.
  12. Martin Gerhardt and Heike Schuster: Das digitale Universum,
    Vieweg, ISBN 3-528-06677-6, (in German).
  13. David Griffeath and Cristopher Moore (eds.): New Constructions in Cellular Automata,
    Oxford University Press, 2003, ISBN 0-19-513717-5 (hardcover) 0-19-513718-3 (paperback).
  14. Andrew Ilachinski: Cellular Automata - A Discrete Universe,
    World Scientific, 2001, ISBN 981-02-4623-4.
  15. Douglas Lind and Brian Marcus: An Introduction to Symbolic Dymamics and Coding,
    Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0-521-55124-2.
  16. Masakazu Nasu: Textile Systems for Endomorphisms and Automorphisms of the Shift,
    American Mathematical Society, ISBN 0-8218-2606-9.
  17. Daniel H. Rothman and Stéphane Zaleski: Lattice-Gas Cellular Automata,
    Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0-521-55201-X.
  18. Moshe Sipper: Evolution of Parallel Cellular Machines,
    Springer, ISBN 3-540-62613-1.
    Franco Angeli, ISBN 88-464-1374-1, (probably in Italian).
  20. Tommaso Toffoli and Norman Margolus: Cellular Automata Machines,
    MIT Press, ISBN 0-262-20060-0.
  21. Roland Vollmar: Algorithmen in Zellularautomaten,
    Teubner, ISBN 3-519-02350-4, (in German).
  22. Burton H. Voorhees: Computational Analysis of One-Dimensional Cellular Automata,
    World Scientific, ISBN 981-02-2221-1.
  23. Jörg R. Weimar: Simulation with Cellular Automata,
    Logos-Verlag, ISBN 3-89722-026-1.
  24. Stephen Wolfram: A New Kind Of Science,
    Wolfram Media, 2002, ISBN 1-57955-008-8.
    Also available online
  25. Stephen Wolfram: Cellular Automata and Complexity,
    Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0-201-62716-7.
  26. Andrew Wuensche and Michael J. Lesser: The Global Dynamics of Cellular Automata,
    Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0-201-55740-1.
And here is an even more incomplete list of some books which are not specifically on CA, but which contain e.g. a chapter on CA:
  1. Nino Boccara: Modeling Complex Systems Systems,
    Springer, 2004, ISBN 0-387-40462-7
  2. Nino Boccara and Eric Goles and Servet Martínez and Pierre Picco (eds.): Cellular Automata and Cooperative Systems,
    Kluwer, ISBN 0-7923-2272-X
  3. E. Goles and S. Martínez (eds.): Neural and Automata Networks - Dynamical Behaviour and Applications,
    Kluwer Academic Publishers, ISBN 0-7923-0632-5.
  4. E. Goles and S. Martínez (eds.): Dynamics of Complex Interacting Systems,
    Kluwer Academic Publishers, ISBN 0-7923-4173-2.
  5. E. Goles and S. Martínez (eds.): Cellular Automata and Complex Systems,
    Kluwer Academic Publishers, ISBN 0-7923-5512-1.
  6. Gerhard Goos: Vorlesungen über Informatik, Band 4,
    Springer, ISBN 3-540-60650-5, (in German).
  7. Tino Gramß and Stefan Bornholdt and Michael Groß and Melanie Mitchell and Thomas Pellizzari: Non-Standard Computation,
    Wiley-VCH, ISBN 3-527-29427-9.
  8. Jozef Gruska: Foundations of Computing,
    International Thomson Computer Press, ISBN 1-85032-243-0.
  9. R. Hegselmann and Ulrich Müller and Klaus G. Troitzsch (eds.): Modelling and Simulation in the Social Sciences from the Philosophy of Science Point of View,
    Kluwer, ISBN 0-7923-4125-2.
  10. H.-O. Peitgen and H. Jürgens and D. Saupe: Chaos: Bausteine der Ordnung,
    Springer, (in German).
  11. Roland Vollmar and Thomas Worsch: Modelle der Parallelverarbeitung,
    Teubner, ISBN 3-519-02138-2, (in German).
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