Fourth International Conference on Cellular Automata for Research and Industry

ACRI 2000
October 4 - 6, Karlsruhe, Germany
Important News :-)
ACRI 2000 is over.
The access to the photos available online has been improved.
ACRI 2002 will be organized by Bastien Chopard in Genève.
We would like to thank
  • all participants for their attendance and discussions
  • all speakers for their presentations
  • the programme committee members for timely delivery of their valuable reviews
  • the publisher for the timely delivery of the proceedings
  • the sponsors for their extremely helpful support
  • Doris Neuerer, Hana Affouf and Rainer Dosch for doing a lot of organizational work
The proceedings of ACRI 2000 have been published by Springer London. They also published the proceedings of ACRI'96 and the proceedings of ACRI'98.
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Programme Committee
Stefania Bandini  ·  Gianpiero Cattaneo  ·  Bastien Chopard  ·  Andreas Deutsch  ·  Salvatore di Gregorio  ·  Tamas Legendi  ·  Giancarlo Mauri  ·  Jacques Mazoyer  ·  Paola Rizzi  ·  Giandomenico Spezzano  ·  Roberto Serra  ·  Furio Suggi Liverani  ·  Giuseppe Tratteur  ·  Hiroshi Umeo  ·  Roland Vollmar  ·  Thomas Worsch (chair)
Organizing Committee
Stefania Bandini  ·  Doris Neuerer  ·  Hana Affouf  ·  Rainer Dosch  ·  Thomas Worsch
illycaffè  ·  Università degli Studi Milano-Bicocca
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12 October 2000