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Nadim Asif <nasif @ ulhr . edu . pk> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
International Journal of Software Engineering
The software is used in different areas and software engineering techniques, methods and practices evolve. The research and practice in different areas of software is conducted in industry or in academia. The journal aim is to cover and exchange the current research and practices for the advancement of software engineering.
Some of the related areas are the Requirement Engineering, Formal Methods, Design (object-oriented, architecture), Testing, Maintenance, Reuse, Reverse Engineering, Re-Engineering, Evolution, Clean room Engineering, Knowledge Engineering, Databases, Web Engineering, Multimedia, Measurements. The journal accepts the papers in all the related areas of software and also from the other related or supporting areas like mathematics, management and software engineering education.
ISSN 1815-4875 (Print), ISSN 1815-4883 (Online)

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