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Lloyd Allison <lloyd . allison @ monash . edu> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
Faculty of Information Technology (Clayton),
Monash University,
Australia 3800
Copyright © L. Allison, all rights reserved.
All such publicly readable material here may be freely copied and used for non-profit, non-classified purposes, provided that due acknowledgement (ie. reference!) is made and provided that these conditions of use are propagated with the material. It may not be used in any other way. No liability of any kind is accepted for the use of this material.
This is an idiosyncratic collection of references mostly on algorithms, computing for molecular biology, functional and logic programming, inductive inference, programming languages.
Author Comments:
If you find this information useful please acknowledge it, and if you can fill in a gap or find something new that you think might interest me then please let me know.

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