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Add References to the Computer Science Bibliography Collection

Contribution of single references

You have written this revolutionary paper on "Object-oriented fuzzy-neural massively-parallel expert systems for interactive agents" and you want everybody to know about it? You can submit references to your papers to the collection in various bibliographic formats.

If you are not familiar with any standard bibliographic formats, please use other submission mechanisms.


References submitted here cannot not be modified any more, so make sure that you add all the information you have and do not make any spelling errors. I reserve the right to edit submitted references.

The FAQ of the BibNet project contains some guidelines on how to compose BibTeX entries, but you can also use other bibliographic formats.

Enter one or more references in the format of your choice and add them to a subject area of the computer science bibliography collection. For best results you should prepare your references in an editor and use copy/paste to enter the references into the input field.

It will take about one week after your submission before your submitted references actually show up in the bibliography collection!

Choose a subject area for your references:
Indicate the format of your references: Help on bibliographic formats,

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