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Bibliography on programming languages
Bibliography of publications about Python, an object-oriented scripting and programming language
Bibliography on the JAVA programming language
Bibliography on object-oriented systems and programming languages
The VDM++ Bibliography
The EPFL Software Engineering Lab Bibliography
Bibliography of the Logic and Computation Group, IST, Lisbon
International Journal of Software Engineering
Bibliography on object-oriented systems
Bibliography on the Unified Modeling Language (UML)
Bibliography on Formal Methods for Distributed Systems and Multi-Agent Systems
The IMMD IV Bibliography on Operating Systems
Bibliography on object-oriented languages and models
Bibliography of "European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming"
Bibliography on ``Numerical techniques from Rational approximation theory'' and on ``Computer arithmetic''
Bibliography on the programming language and operating system Oberon
Bibliography on databases (query optimization, object-oriented)
Bibliography on literature on schema evolution (especially) in object-oriented database systems
Bibliography to literature on views (especially) in object-oriented database systems
A Bibliography on Garbage Collection
Bibliography on compiler-related issues
Bibliography on software design patterns
bibliography on parallel object-oriented programming/systems
Bibliography on concurrency in object-oriented systems
Bibliography on object-oriented graphics
Bibliography on object-oriented modelling
Object-Oriented and Operating Systems bibliography
Small bibliography on object-oriented logic programming
A (Not Very Much) Annotated Bibliography on Integrating Object-Oriented and Logic Programming
Bibliography on testing object-oriented software

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