Mathematica (short entry)

Mathematica (short entry)


      current version:   not known
      public distribution:   yes
           what is available:   
           and where:
           mirror sites:   ---
      name:   Richard J. Gaylord, Kazume Nishidate
      WWW home page:,
General information about the software
      WWW information:   ---
      Literature:   Gaylord:1996:MNC

Hardware and software requirements

Environment 1
      simulation runs on:   (probably) anything on which Mathematica runs

BibTeX entries

All entries in one file, comprising   Gaylord:1996:MNC

Further remarks

The title of this section is misleading. It is chosen to indicate that the package described by Gaylord:1996:MNC (and also provided on a diskette included in the book) requires Mathematica (version 2.0).
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