Software for CA

This page is not maintained any longer. I don't have enough time for it.

These pages are the WWW version of section 4 of my technical report 37/96 on programming environments for cellular automata. It contains a list of software packages (mostly) for the simulation of CA. Of course this list is incomplete.

If you have further informations concerning either the already listed packages or additional ones (maybe yours :-) which you want to be included in this list, please send me an e-mail with the relevant informations! Especially in the case of new packages please get the file generic.meta, fill it out, and email it to me.

See also the section on CA hardware and software issues in the CA FAQ.

Here is a BibTeX file with all entries mentioned in one of the package descriptions.

Please have a look at the acknowledgments for a complete list or people who have provided informations for these pages.

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