DDLab (short entry)

DDLab (short entry)


      current version:   2.0 (29 Apr 96)
      public distribution:   yes
           what is available:   executable
           and where:   ftp://ftp.santafe.edu/pub/wuensch/
           mirror sites:   ftp://ftp.germany.eu.net/pub/research/softcomp/Alife/andrew-wuensche/
      name:   Andy Wuensche
      WWW home page:   http://www.santafe.edu/~wuensch/
      email:   mailto:wuensch@santafe.edu
General information about the software
      WWW information:   http://alife.santafe.edu/alife/software/ddlab.html
      Literature:   Wuensche:1992:GDC; documentation is also included in the distribution.

Hardware and software requirements

Environment 1
      simulation runs on:   PC (DOS,VGA and SVGA)
Environment 2
      simulation runs on:   Sun workstation (SunOS 4, X11)
Environment 3
      simulation runs on:   Apple Mac

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Further remarks

From the introduction of the documentation: ``DDLab is an interactive graphics program for research into the dynamics of finite binary networks,\ from Cellular Automata (CA) to random Boolean networks, including their attractor basins. The program is relevant to the study of complexity, emergent phenomena, neural computation and aspects of theoretical biology such as modelling gene regulatory networks.''
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