current version:   (21 Dec 95)
      public distribution:   yes
           what is available:   source code
           and where:   ftp://rucs2.sunlab.cs.runet.edu/pub/ca/cellular.tar.gz
           mirror sites:   http://liinwww.ira.uka.de/ca/software/cellular/cellular.html
      name:   J. Dana Eckart
      WWW home page:   http://www.cs.runet.edu/~dana/
      email:   mailto:dana@rucs.faculty.cs.runet.edu
General information about the software
      WWW information:   http://www.cs.runet.edu/~dana/ca/cellular.html
      Literature:   Eckart:1992:CAS; the distribution includes further documentation.

Hardware and software requirements

Environment 1
      compiler runs on:   Unix
      simulation runs on:   SUN with X11
Environment 2
      compiler runs on:   Unix
      simulation runs on:   SGI with IRIS graphics library
Environment 3
      compiler runs on:   DOS PC
      simulation runs on:   PC with VGA graphics

Standard CA

      lattice structure:   Euclidean grids of arbirtary dimensionality
      lattice size:   arbitrary (hyper-)rectangles
      boundary conditions:   fixed or toroidal
      limitations:   none
      notation:   vectors (they can be named?)
      grouping constructs:   no
Set of states
      max size:   unlimited
      structure:   yes
           how:   registers/records
Local rule
      limitations:   none


Local rule
      probabilistic rules:   yes
      block rules:   no
      moving objects:   yes (they are called agents)
           limitations:   none
Global rule
      asynchronous CA:   no
Temporal inhomogeneity:    yes
      how:   A global step counter can be used by the local rule.
Spatial inhomogeneity:    not known
Hierarchical aspects:    no

BibTeX entries

All entries in one file, comprising   Eckart:1992:CAS

Further remarks

The cellang compiler can generate C code for shared memory multiprocessors. It can also use the so-called \emph{microvector} library: The states of several cells are stored in \emph{one} machine word and manipulated simultaneously. The distribution contains a programm \texttt{cellview} for displaying configurations (which can also be used separately).
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