current version:   2.1
      public distribution:   no
      name:   Tam\'as Legendi
      WWW home page:   ---
      email:   (please contact Th.~Worsch for further informations)
General information about the software
      WWW information:   ---
      Literature:   The distribution includes documentation.

Hardware and software requirements

Environment 1
      compiler runs on:   PC with DOS
      simulation runs on:   PC with DOS

Standard CA

      lattice structure:   two-dim.~Euclidean grids
      lattice size:   arbitrary rectangles
      boundary conditions:   not known
      limitations:   none
      notation:   positional parameters in so-called micro configurations (see the remarks in the section on extensions)
      grouping constructs:   no
Set of states
      max size:   arbitrary
      structure:   yes
           how:   groups of bits
           data types:   subranges of integers
Local rule
      limitations:   none


Local rule
      probabilistic rules:   no
      block rules:   yes
           how:   the notation for transitions of micro configurations is powerful enough to allow the specification
      moving objects:   yes
           limitations:   a fixed maximum number of moving objects per cell
Global rule
      asynchronous CA:   no
Temporal inhomogeneity:    yes
      how:   via the ``simulation control language''
Spatial inhomogeneity:    yes
      how:   one may put together different so-called fields
Hierarchical aspects:    no
Further remarks:    In FUNDEF the local rule is specified via pairs of micro configurations. These are local configurations, written in an unusual but very convenient form. For example, essentially a block rule realizing clockwise rotation would be written like this:\par \begin{alltt} [A] , [B] , [D] , [A] , [D] , [C] , [C] , [B] ; \end{alltt}

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