CAM Simulator

CAM Simulator


      current version:   not known
      public distribution:   yes
           what is available:   executable
           and where:
           mirror sites:   ---
      name:   Zoltan Belso, Miklos Vargyas
      WWW home page:   ---
General information about the software
      WWW information:   ---
      Literature:   Documentation is distributed with the executable; for information on the CAM see Toffoli:1986:CAM.

Hardware and software requirements

Environment 1
      simulation runs on:   PC with VGA display

Standard CA

      lattice structure:   2-dim. Euclidean grids
      lattice size:   $256\times 256$ as in CAM-6?
      boundary conditions:   as in CAM-6?
      limitations:   radius 1 Moore neighborhood
      notation:   symbolic names
      grouping constructs:   no
Set of states
      max size:   256
      structure:   well ....
           how:   you may fiddle with the bits; states may be referred to by name
Local rule
      limitations:   none


Local rule
      probabilistic rules:   no
      block rules:   yes
           how:   see \cite{Toffoli:1986:CAM}
      moving objects:   no
Global rule
      asynchronous CA:   no
Temporal inhomogeneity:    yes
      how:   cycles of different rules
Spatial inhomogeneity:    no
Hierarchical aspects:    no

BibTeX entries

All entries in one file, comprising   Toffoli:1986:CAM

Further remarks

This package essentially is a CAM-6 simulator, but with 8 bit planes instead of 4.
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