The Cellular Automata Pages

These are some WWW pages on Cellular Automata. If you have suggestions for improvements or additions, please let me know. Several people have already provided help; see the acknowledgements for a complete list.

Workshop on Cellular Automata

The workshop AUTOMATA 2007 will take place in Toronto (Canada) August 27-29, 2007 2007 (organized by A. Lawniczak and H. Fuks).

The workshop AUTOMATA 2008 will take place in Bristol (UK) (organized by A. Adamatzky).

The conference ACRI 2008 will take place in Yokohama (Japan), (most probably) September 23-26, 2008 (organized by H. Umeo,S. Morishita, K. Nishinari).

IFIP Working Group 1.5

The home page of the IFIP Working Group 1.5 on Cellular Automata and Machines.


This list includes packages for the simulation of CA as well as packages which are useful e.g. for viewing the space of configurations for a certain rule or doing statistics.

Interesting Links

Books on CA

A list of some books on cellular automata.


A list of all people who have kindly provided additional informations for the CA pages.
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