Working Group 1.5

Cellular Automata and Discrete Complex Systems

This IFIP Working Group has been officially (re)established in September 2008. More details coming soon .....
Jarkko Kari
Vice chairmen
Kenichi Morita, Nicolas Ollinger

AUTOMATA workshop series

This workshop series started in 1995. The three most recent events: Earlier workshops took place 2006 in Hiroshima (JP), 2005 in Gdansk (PL), 2004 in Karlsruhe (DE), 2003 in Leuven (BE), 2002 in Prague (CZ), 2001 in Giens (FR), 2000 in Osaka (JP), 1999 in Lyon (FR) , 1998 in Santiago (CL), 1997 in Gargnano (IT), 1996 in Rauischholzhausen (DE) and 1995 in Dagstuhl (DE).

Other conferences and workshops

JAC 2008 took place in Uzès (France), April 21-25, 2008 (organized by G. Lafitte, N. Ollinger, É. Remila)

ACRI 2008 will take place in Yokohama (Japan), September 23-26, 2008 (organized by H. Umeo,S. Morishita, K. Nishinari).

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