Fourth International Conference on Cellular Automata for Research and Industry

ACRI 2000
October 4 - 6, Karlsruhe, Germany
Work in progress presentations
Better fewer, but better; the reason why territorial planning needs models like CA
A. Cecchini, P. Rizzi
An extended notion of cellular automaton for modelling and simulating soil erosion by rainfall
D. D'Ambrosio, S. Di Gregorio, S. Gabriele, R. Gaudio, R. Rongo, W. Spataro
Global cellular automata GCA: an universal extension of the CA model
R. Hoffmann, K.-P. Völkmann, S. Waldschmidt
Generation of local and parallel pseudorandom sequences on the CAM-8 cellular automata machine
P. Mentrasti, S. Capobianco
An algebraic study of information in cellular automata
H. Nishio
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