Fourth International Conference on Cellular Automata for Research and Industry

ACRI 2000
October 4 - 6, Karlsruhe, Germany
Accepted full papers
Pattern control in the generation of artificial percolation beds: a cellular automata approach
       S. Bandini, M. Magagnini
A minimal model for the formation of an ant cemetery
M. Martin, B. Chopard, P. Albuquerque
A multi-agent cellular automata system for visualising simulated pedestrian activity
J. Dijkstra, H.J.P. Timmermans, J. Jessurun
Estimating the changing distributions of population and employees by cellular automata
A. Ohgai, M. Igarashi, K. Watanabe
Observation of on-off intermittency in cellular automata
F. Jiménez-Morales
CA fluid dynamics simulation paradigms
R. Cappuccio, G. Cattaneo, D. Ciucci, U. Jocher
Microscopic simulation of evacuation processes on passenger ships
H. Klüpfel, T. Meyer-König, J. Wahle, M. Schreckenberg
Fault tolerant parallel pattern recognition
M. Kutrib, J.-T. Löwe
Reactive path-planning: a directional diffusion algorithm on multilayered cellular automata
F. M. Marchese
An algorithm for robot path planning with cellular automata
C. Behring, M. Bracho, M. Castro, J. A. Moreno
The simulatiuon of compact cities based on the integration of cellular automata and GIS
A. G.-O. Yeh, X. Li
Cellular automata with activation and inhibition
B. Schönfisch
A cellular automata model for the simulation of in vitro carcinogenesis tests
R. Serra, M. Villani, A. Colacci
A new dynamical model of biodegradation
M. Villani, M. Mazzanti, M. Padovani, M. Andretta, R. Serra, S. di Gregorio, R. Rongo, W. Spataro
Cellular models of urban systems
D. O'Sullivan, P. Torrens
Scalability analysis and performance prediction for cellular programs on parallel computers
G. Folino, G. Spezzano
Discrete models of immune responses
R. Puzone, B. Kohler, P. Seiden, F. Celada
A duality in two connectivity-preserving parallel shrinking algorithms for binary images
H. Umeo, G. Mauri
Correction, optimization and verification of transition rule set for Waksman's firing squad synchronization algorithm
H. Umeo, T. Sogabe, Y. Nomura
CASim - a java system for simulating cellular automata
U. Freiwald, J. R. Weimar
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