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Tarmo Uustalu <tarmo @ cs . ioc . ee> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
Institute of Cybernetics (IoC) at Tallinn Technical University
classical proof theory and model theory, higher-order logic, epsilon-symbol, free logic, classical theorem proving, in particular Maslov's method, resolution, classical logic as constructive; constructive mathematics, proof theory, model theory of intuitionistic logic, Curry-Howard correspondence, decision and theorem proving, logic programming; quantum and anti-intuitionistic logic; typed lambda calculi and type assignment systems, Barendregt's cube, pure type systems, inductive and co-inductive types, subtyping and intersection types, monads; Martin-Löf's type theory; modal, temporal, and dynamic logic; Kozen's modal mu-calculus; finite model theory; linear logic; constraints; mathematics of program construction, functional programming and category theory; semantics of programming languages; structural synthesis of programs
Author Comments:
This is a BibTeX bibliography I've compiled for my personal use in my research. The bibliography is not complete to any extent. It just reflects what I've needed in my research, what I am interested in and what I've come across.
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