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Bibliography of presentations from the annual IEEE Hot Chips symposia (1989–date)

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Nelson H. F. Beebe <beebe @ math . utah . edu> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
Center for Scientific Computing
University of Utah
Department of Mathematics, 322 INSCC
155 S 1400 E RM 233
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0090
This is a bibliography of presentations from the annual IEEE Hot Chips symposia (1989–date).
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Author Comments:
The conferences have a Web site at
According to editorials in IEEE Micro, these symposia do not have formal proceedings, but selected papers are expected to be published in IEEE Micro in spring issues following each Hot Chips symposium.
At least since 1996, the conference Web site preserves the slides from most of the talks, using in PDF form, and URLs for them are included in the BibTeX entries below.
I cannot find library catalog entries for any of these symposia, and the IEEE Web sites at
do not contain entries for them; this bears out the editorial statements noted above.
It may be that Hot Chips will continue to be an unpublished symposium with talks about work-in-progress, with the expectation that full papers will appear elsewhere later, perhaps in IEEE Micro.
Nevertheless, since a lot of important new work has appeared in these conferences, it seems worthwhile for historical purposes to record bibliographic entries, even if formal publication perhaps appears elsewhere much later. Such entries will be included whenever they can be identified.
Database and library catalog coverage of these conferences is rather sparse. Limited data was found in the OCLC WorldCat and Proceedings databases, and programs and sometimes, presentation slides, for papers from the Hot Chips 11 and 12 conferences (1999 and 2000) were found at However, the Hot Chips 11 program is incomplete there; it incorrectly continues into the Hot Chips 12 program.
Many of the titles given in the conference programs disagree with those in the actual online articles; in such cases, the BibTeX entry includes an alttitle value from the program, with the title value taken from the article text. Also, a fair number of conference program titles lack online article text.

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