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Hardware Verification Group
Hardware Verification Group at the Institute of Computer Design and Fault Tolerance
Department of Computer Science
University of Karlsruhe
This is a reference list on hardware verification and formal methods in general.
ADL, abstraction, algorithmiclevel, asynchronous, automation, BDD, Benchmarks, CAPRA, circuits, classification of properties, compiler, complexity, concurrent programs, CONLAN, ctl, cve, DDL, Design, ELLA, eventstructure, fair transition system, fairness, finite-state system, firstorderlogic, flowgraph, formal methods, formalism, formalsynthesis, fsm, gatelevel, general, graph, hardware, HDL, higherorderlogic, HOL, HOL-System, itl, KARL, layout, layoutlevel, liveness, Logic, ltl, Methods, microprocessor, ML, modelchecking, modelling, omega, omegafsm, optimization, other, petrinet, processalgebra, program verification, progress, PROLOG, proof systems, propositionallogic, reachability analysis, reactive systems, realtime, recurrence, refinement, registertransferlevel, responsiveness, Rewrite, rewriting, RISC, safety, SFB358, shortest path, SILAGE, simulation, SMAX, SML, software, softwareverification, specification, survey, switchlevel, symbolic state traversal, symbolicsimulation, synthesis, system, systemlevel, techreport, temporallogic, test, textbook, theorem proving, timers, timing, tpcd94, trace, trajectoryevaluation, transistorlevel, transition, transitionsystem, transitionsystemfair, transitionsystemlabelled, transpositionsystem, tutorial, UNITY, verification, verificationformalism, VHDL, VIOLA, voss
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