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Bibliography on the Mapping of Neural Networks

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Ben Gomes <gomes @ icsi . berkeley . edu> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
Author Comments:
These references were obtained from many sources, but the vast majority were from D.R. Mani's dissertation proposal. He has sometimes used the abstract field for annotations, but it is quite evident when this is the case. My thanks to D.R. Mani, Stan Franklin, Joydeep Ghosh, S.C. Kak, Phil Kohn, Jacob M. Murre, Soheil Shams and Jim Steck for responding to my request for references. I have divided the references into 2 sections - structured nets and others, including nmulti-layer backprop nets. The division is approximate, particularly since I have not obtained all the references as yet.
NEW ADDITIONS: These are appended to the main bibliography as I receive them. Eventually they will be incorporated into the summary and the main bibliography. From Igor Milosavlevich, Oct 6 93, From Manavendra Misra Oct 8 1993

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