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Nelson H. F. Beebe <beebe @ math . utah . edu> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
Center for Scientific Computing
University of Utah
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This is a COMPLETE bibliography of publications in the SIAM Journal on Optimization (CODEN SJOPE8, ISSN 1052-6234 (print), 1095-7189 (electronic)) which began publishing in 1991.
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Author Comments:
The journal appeared quarterly, in February, May, April, and November through the end of 1998. Since then, it still appears quarterly, but issues can span month and year boundaries (see comments below for further details).
The journal has a World Wide Web site at
with editorial and publication information, and pointers to tables of contents of recent issues (mid 1996–date) at
Bibliography entries include World-Wide Web URLs to the publisher's Web site whenever possible.
The move by SIAM to prior electronic publication in 1999 has made the article volume/year association more difficult. From the FAQ list at
we find this advice:
``When citing SIAM's electronic articles, it's important to remember that SIAM considers the electronic editions to be the definitive editions for its journals. Mathematical Reviews, the Institute for Scientific Information, and INSPEC all use the electronic editions for their coverage of SIAM journals.
Because SIAM journal papers are published in PDF form in electronic volumes and issues that correspond to the later print archive, they are able to be paginated at the time of electronic publication. Thus, our articles can be fully cited with volume, issue, and page numbers.
However, a significant difference that must be taken into account when citing SIAM electronic articles is that the year of publication is the year of electronic publication, not the year in which the print issue mails. For example, here is the correct citation, in SIAM style, for the following article. It was published electronically December 23, 1998, in volume 28, number 3 of SIAM Journal on Computing, which will be mailed to print subscribers in June 1999.
M. K. AGUILERA AND S. TOUEG, Failure detection and randomization: A hybrid approach to solve consensus, SIAM J. Comput., 28 (1998), pp. 890–903.
Note that the year of publication in this case is 1998, despite the fact that the print issue will mail in 1999.
The year of publication appears as part of the copyright line at the top of each paper, as well as in a footnote to the paper's title, in which the complete date of electronic publication is given.
To help eliminate any confusion about the publication date, in 1999 SIAM removed the month and year from the print editions of the nine research journals and replaced it with the line `Papers published electronically [month/year] to [month/year].' The volume and issue numbers will remain.
This situation does not currently apply to SIAM Review and Theory of Probability and Its Applications since these journals are not yet produced on a paper-by-paper basis. They are published electronically as complete issues approximately four weeks before the print issue is mailed.''
In this bibliography, year assignments for articles published from 1999 onward have been made by consulting the physical printed issues, and examining recent published articles that are not yet available in print form.
This bibliography has been derived primarily from information at the publisher Web site, which has data for volume 6, number 3 (1996) to date, and augmented with data from the MathSciNet database, the TUG bibliography archives, and the Karlsruhe Computer Science bibliography archives.

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