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Sammelpunkt metadata are freely accessible to all, and freely re-useable by all, under the following conditions: (1) The full name(s) of the author(s) and (2) the full bibliographic reference information for the paper (date, title, and, if published, journal, volume, and pages, if any) must always co-appear prominently with any re-use or redisplay of the metadata, in any medium. The metadata may not be offered for sale without the formal permission of the author and publisher. (Note: Sammelpunkt is NOT the publisher; it is merely the online archive. Mention of Cogprints in re-use is appreciated but not mandatory.) Sammelpunkt is intended as a repository for the self-archiving, by their authors (or, by authorized second parties, or, if the papers are in the public domain, by anyone), of research papers in Philosophy. Papers can be (1) refereed, accepted, published final drafts ("postprints") or (2) unrefereed drafts prior to publication ("preprints"). Deposits will be vetted by Sammelpunkt for relevance only; they will not be otherwise validated or authenticated. Responsibility for the validity and authenticity of the content of these self-archived papers rests entirely with the depositor. Any copyright violations are also entirely the responsibility of the depositor. (Sammelpunkt if it receives proof of copyright violation, will immediately remove the paper in question.)
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