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Third Russian-German Symposium on the History of Computers and Cybernetics between 1940 and 1965

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Stefan Gruner <sgruner @ cs . up . ac . za> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
GI: Gesellschaft fur Informatik (German Informatics Society), Ahr-Str. 45, 53175 Bonn (D).
Interesting historical information about the development and application of computers, computer science and cybernetics in Germany and in the former Soviet Union during the times between 1940 and 1965.
History, Computer, Cybernetics, Zuse, Germany, Russia, Soviet Union, 1940, 1965
Author Comments:
This bibliography provides a complete list of all the papers which appeared in the proceedings of the Third Russian-German Symposium in Heidelberg (D), 1997. Most papers are in German and Russian language, some papers are in German only. (Attached to the proceedings booklet was also a CD-ROM containing a simulation of the Zuse machine.)

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