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Bibliography on Computer-Aided Control System Design (CACSD) and Computer-Aided Control Engineering (CACE)

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Information on the Bibliography

C. P. Jobling <C . P . Jobling @ Swansea . ac . uk> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
Control and computer aided engineering
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
University of Wales, Swansea
Singleton Park
Swansea SA2 8PP
Wales, UK
A bibliography for computer-aided control systems design (CACSD) and computer-aided control engineering (CACE) compiled over many years and first released into the public domain in July 1994.
Computer-Aided Control System Design (CACSD), Computer-Aided Control Engineering (CACE)
Author Comments:
The main sources are the many conference proceedings and collections of papers in the area of CACSD and CACE and the control conferences CDC, ACC and ECC etc which occasionally have special sessions on the use of computers in control systems design. However, because the papers cited are often of particular interest to me or to my research group, or have been extracted from proceedings of conferences that I personally attended, the coverage is not exhaustive nor necessarily complete. Additions are always welcome and will be credited.
E-mail additions to this bibliography to me at the E-mail address given above. I will convert your references to a standard BibTeX format and add a credit before merging your entries with the main database.

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