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Jay Pfaffman <pfaffman @ relaxpc . com> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
University of Tennessee
This file contains almost every paper I have come across in my life as a graduate student (and many that I have not read, but intend to, or at least thought that I should the day that I entered it). If you are a new graduate student, I recommend that you start such a collection now, though you'd probably be better off using a tool like EndNote ( I put this document online because it cost me nothing to do so and it's conceivable that something here might help someone.
education, K12
Author Comments:
Today an author cited here took offense at my offhand annotation of his works and took the time to let me know. If you take offense, please feel free to let me know–if you are cited here, you are almost certainly someone who's opinions I value and would welcome conversation with you. Understand that the comments here are written quickly and are likely written with a particular purpose in mind. These comments are likely not applicable to your purposes, or even mine.
For instance, if I remark that something is "completely unhelpful", it almost certainly means "completely unhelpful at making a particular point in a particular paper", not "completely unhelpful to all people at all times".

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