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Gediminas Pulokas
Author Comments:
The journal is abstracted/indexed by
1) All-Russian Scientific and Technical Information Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences - Vserossiisky Institut Nauchnoi i Technicheskoi Informatsii (VINITI)
2) Central and Eastern European Online Library (CEEOL).
For several decades Institute of Mathematics and Informatics has been publishing science journal in Lithuanian, called "Informatika". Since 2002 a science journal "Informatics in Education" in English was established instead of the journal "Informatika". It is a satellite journal of the international journal "Informatica" which is also published under Institute of Mathematics and Informatics and is included in the ISI master journal list.
"Informatics in Education" was established regarding the considerable demand of scientific publications in the interaction of computer science (informatics) and education. The journal has a wide audience of readers all over the world.
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