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Gary Perlman <director @ hcibib . org> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.
6565 Frantz Road
Dublin, OH 43017-3395
We are sensitive to the rights and needs of publishers, and we intend that materials will be included in the HCI Bibliography only if their publishers (i.e., copyright holders) permit it. Certain publishers automatically grant free non-commercial use of even extended bibliographic information (e.g., IEEE and ACM, publishers of journals and conference proceedings). Many other publishers have graciously granted to the HCI Bibliography royalty-free non-commercial use of their copyrighted material. The contents of the HCI Bibliography can be copied and distributed free of charge, and only copied and distributed free of charge.
Human-computer interaction, Bibliographic information, Research Aids, Distributed group work, Networks, Cooperative Research, Information sharing, Hypertext, Information retrieval
Author Comments:
The HCI Bibliography is a free-access online bibliographic database on Human-Computer Interaction. The basic goal of the Project is to put an electronic bibliography for most of HCI on the screens of all researchers, developers, educators and students in the field through the World-Wide Web and anonymous ftp access.
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