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Author Comments:
E-LIS is an electronic open access archive for scientific or technical documents, published or unpublished, in Librarianship, Information Science and Technology, and related application activities. E-LIS is an archive to deposit preprints, postprints and other LIS publications, it is a service for finding and downloading documents in electronic format, offered as a free service to the international LIS community. The goal of the E-LIS Archive is to promote communication in the field by the rapid dissemination of papers.
Eprints for LIS has been established as a community service by rclis (Research in Computing, Library and Information Science) to promote open access to papers on these fields.
RCLIS is a project to build a database about current and past documents in computing, librarianship, information science and technology and related application activities.
In keeping with the objectives of the EPrints movement and the Free Online Scholarship (FOS) movement, we expect this service to facilitate the LIS researchers in self-archiving and long-term preservation of their scholarly publications, provide easy access to these publications world wide and improve impact of their research.
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