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Nikki Scheirer
Author Comments:
This bibliography was put together with the help of Nikki Scheirer, a student of our department. We used the references of Franz-Viktor's habilitation thesis, the book of Seth Warner on topological fields and the Math Reviews.
You can download the Bibtex file as well as the corresponding dvi and postscript files. Please feel free to use the Bibtex file for your own purposes.
The present form is neither final nor exhaustive and may contain mistakes. As far as possible, we compared our data with what we found in the Reviews. Please check the bibliography, not only for your own papers, but also for other papers which are important for your work, and for rare and hardly known items you happen to know. Please contact us for any additions, corrections or deletions you want us to do.
There are several subjects which are connected with valuation theory but do not quite belong to its core, such as p-adics and rigid analytic geometry. We have included several papers from these subjects, without trying to achieve a representative collection. Please send us further references which you think should be included.
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