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Nelson H. F. Beebe <beebe @ math . utah . edu> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
Center for Scientific Computing
Department of Mathematics
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
This file contains a COMPLETE bibliography of publications in the Journal of Symbolic Computation (CODEN JSYCEH, ISSN 0747-7171), published by Academic Press (London, UK)
symbolic algebra
Author Comments:
The journal began publishing quarterly in March 1985, then bimonthly in 1987–1988, and then monthly since January 1989. Despite monthly publication, there are only six issues per volume, so there are two volumes yearly since 1989.
The journal has a World Wide Web site at
and as part of the Academic Press IDEAL Project, is electronically available in full-text form to patrons of subscribing libraries. Abstracts and tables of contents for issues beginning in 1996 are also available. Visit
or the European mirrors:
The journal editor maintains a Web page at caviness/jsc.html
with a cumulative bibliography of the journal; the data there has been merged into this file for version 2.00, with many corrections.
The initial draft of this bibliography was derived from the OCLC Contents1st database, after conversion to BibTeX form, and extensive editing and correction. This was then augmented with entries from the author's personal bibliography files, from the IEEE INSPEC database (1986–1996), from the MathSciNet database, from the computer graphics bibliography archive at, and from a very large computer science bibliography collection on in /pub/bibliography to which many people of have contributed. The snapshot of this collection was taken on 5-May-1994, and it consists of 441 BibTeX files, 2,672,675 lines, 205,289 entries, and 6,375 <at>String abbreviations, occupying 94.8MB of disk space. Where multiple sources of a particular entry existed, field values have been manually merged to preserve maximal information.
Regrettably, the OCLC database does not usually record final page numbers of journal articles, so there were originally many page ranges of the form 123–?? in this bibliography. At version 1.09, only about 40 such entries remained after merging bibliographic data from other sources.
Although coverage is now believed to be complete, a substantial number of uncertainties remain in page ranges, and sometimes in author names or article titles. These are indicated by doubled queries (??) in the value strings, or by keywords beginning `xx'. My local university library does not have this journal, so I have no way of checking the original journal issues.

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