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This is a BibTeX bibliography of the Journal of Applied Statistics.
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Author Comments:
The Journal of Applied Statistics is published by Sheffield City Polytechnic, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. Publication began with volume 11, number 1 in January, 1984, as a continuation of the earlier journal Bulletin in Applied Statistics (BIAS), which in turn began with volume 1, number 1, in July 1974, and ended with volume 10, number 2 in 1983. The journal was published twice a year from 1984 to 1994, and since 1995, appears six times a year.
The similarly-named journal, Applied Statistics, is covered in a companion file, as.bib. Prior to version 3.00 of that file, and version 1.00 of this file, both journals were covered in as.bib.
The original version of this BibTeX bibliography of the journal Applied Statistics was fetched from netlib, prettyprinted, and corrected to make this file.
For version 2.00, citation labels have all been changed to conform to BibNet Project conventions, and 322 entries have been added or updated from data collected, converted, extensively edited, and corrected, from the OCLC Contents1st database. Regrettably, that database does not record final page numbers of journal articles, so there are many page ranges of the form 123–?? in this bibliography.
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At version 2.06, another 161 new entries were added, and 57 others updated, from a search of the IEEE INSPEC (1970–1981) database.
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