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Bibliography on interior point methods for mathematical programming

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Eberhard Kranich <aw81kr @ nos1 . pb . bib . de> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
Nothing is older than a yesterday's newspaper! In this sense, this bibliography is incomplete, of course, because of the enormous interest and ongoing research in interior–point methods for mathematical programming. These activities were initiated by Karmarkar's polynomial–time linear programming algorithm in 1984, resulting in a flood of research papers, articles, talks, developments of commercial software and so on. This working paper should be regarded as a first trial to obtain a survey over the research reports, journal articles, etc., published so far, resp. known to the author.
Karmarkar's algorithm, interior–point methods, projective scaling algorithm, affine scaling algorithm, path–following methods, logarithmic barrier function algorithm, potential reduction algorithm, trajectory–following method, polynomial–time algorithm, method of centers, gravitational method, box method, mathematical programming
Author Comments:
The user is kindly requested to send corrections and/or additions to this current bibliography to the forementioned address. This concerns especially to talks based on an existing, but not listed technical report.
First of all, the author is deeply indebted to Irv Lustig, Princeton. His salient encouragement and cooperation have influenced the development and publication of this bibliography. Based on Lustig's idea ``to indicate that something is a talk'' (because, sometimes, a talk and the corresponding report differs only in title) the author has rewritten his Discussion Paper published at the FernUniversität Hagen, May 1991.
At last, the author is obliged to Eric Grosse and Dave Gay for making this bibliography available via NETLIB.

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