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Åke Björck <akbjo @ math . liu . se> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
This is the BibTeX reference base which I have used for the book Numerical Methods for Least Squares, SIAM, 1996 (reference bjor:96).
approximate methods (appr), augmented system (augms), backward perturbation (pert), banded least squares (band), blas (blas), block angular system (basys), block methods (block), Chebyshev approximation (cheb), Cholesky (chol), condition (cond), conjugate gradients (cg), constrained least squares (constr), control theory (contr), covariance matrix (covar), CS decomposition (csd), downdating (downd), eigenvalue problem (eigv) equilibration (scale), error estimate (err), fast Fourier transform (fft), fill-in (fill), generalized eigenvalue problems (geig), generalized inverse (ginv), generalized linear model (glsq), generalized QR decomposition (gqrd), geodesy (geod), geometric elements, fitting (geom), generalized singular value decomposition (gsvd), Givens rotation (rot), graph theory (graph), Gram-Schmidt (grsch), history of least squares (hist), Householder (house), hyperbolic rotation (hyp), ill-posed (illp), interior point methods (intpoint), interval analysis (err), iterative method (iter), iterative refinement (ir), Kronecker product (kron), Lanczos (lanczos), linear algebra general (la), LU decomposition (lud), matrix approximation (max), nested dissection (nestdis), nonlinear least squares (nlsq), normal equations (ne), numerical linear algebra (nla) optimization (opt), ordering for sparsity (perm), orthogonalization (orth), orthogonal regression (orthreg), precision (err), preconditioning (precond), pseudo-inverse (ginv), parallel computation (prll), perturbation theory (pert), polynomial approximation (poly), projection (orth), QR decomposition (qrd), quadratic programming (quadpr), random matrix (rand), rank degenerate problems (rank), rank revealing QR factorization (rrqrd), recursive least squares (rls), regularization (regul), regression (regr), robust estimation (rob), scaling (scale), signal processing (sigp), singular value decomposition (svd), software (soft), sparse (sparse), spline approximation (spline), statistics (stat), survey paper/book (survey), systolic (syst), test matrix (test), Toeplitz (toep), total least squares (tls), underdetermined systems (uds), updating, downdating (upd, downd), Vandermonde systems (vand), variable projection (varpro), vector processing (prll), weighted least squares (wlsq)

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