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George F. Corliss <georgec @ mscs . mu . edu> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science
Marquette University
Milwaukee, WI 53233 USA
This bibliography was originally published in Automatic Differentiation of Algorithms: Theory, Implementation, and Application [Grie91e] as the common bibliography for all of the papers in that volume. Each author prepared a bibliography for her or his own paper. The separate bibliographies were merged into a single BibTex database, and references from several other sources were added. Especially valuable contributions were made by bibliographic data bases previously compiled by Bruce Char, by David Gay, and by Davis, Corliss, and Krenz [Davi88a]. Additional works are added as they come to my attention.
This bibliography includes most of the work known to the editors in the area of automatic differentiation circa Fall, 1992. Because it includes all of the works cited by any paper in [Grie91e], it includes many citations that are not directly related to automatic differentiation. For example, it includes basic references in optimization, symbolic algebra systems, and several applications areas.
Author Comments:
Corrections and additions are welcome and should be sent to George F. Corliss

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