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G. W. Stewart <stewart @ thales . cs . umd . edu> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
cs (computer science), csd (CS decomposition), eig (eigenvalue problems), eriv (errors in variables), geig (generalized eigenvalue problems), ginv (generalized inverse), gsvd (generalized singular value decomposition), iter (iterative methods), la (linear algebra), lsq (least squares), math (mathematics), lud (LU decomposition), na (numerical analysis), nla (numerical linear algebra), nlop (nonlinear equations and optimization), nllsq (nonlinear least squares), prll (parallel computations), pert (perturbation theory), qrd (QR decomposition), regr (regression), stat (statistics), svd (singular value decomposition), utvd (orthogonal-triangula-orthogonal decomposition), vect (vector computing)
Author Comments:
This is my bibtex reference base. It is available by anonymous ftp at in the directory pub/references. It is also available from netlib. The reference base is a combination of my personal reference base and a number of others. It includes (at least in part)
  1. The bibliography from Introduction to Matrix Computations by G. W. Stewart.
  2. The bibliography from Matrix Perturbation Theory by G. W. Stewart and J.-G. Sun.
  3. The bibliography from Matrix Computations by G. H. Golub and C. Van Loan.
  4. P. C. Hansen's bibliography on rank-revealing decompositions.
  5. Ake Bjorck's bibliography on least squares.
UPDATES: The reference base on thales will be updated from time to time.
Anyone who has had to read my papers or books knows that as a proofreader I am at the bottom of the heap. This reference base is no exception. Do not use the references in a paper, unless you have checked them out for yourself (actually sound scholarly practice requires that you never make an indirect reference without giving the secondary source). Naturally, I am interested in hearing about any errors you may find.

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