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Ian Ashdown <ian_ashdown @ helios32 . com> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
byHeart Consultants Limited
This bibliography includes references to original papers, articles, and books on radiosity and related global illumination algorithms.
It also includes a limited number of references to such eclectic topics as constrained Delaunay triangulation, winged-edge data structures, finite element mathematics, and more. These references have been selected for their usefulness in understanding and implementing radiosity-based rendering systems.
Author Comments:
The original version of this bibliography was collected and annotated by Eric Haines of 3D/Eye, Inc. (Ithaca, NY), with help from many others. Particular thanks were extended to Holly Rushmeier, Peter Shirley, Erik Jansen, and Paul Heckbert.
Funding for the ongoing maintenance of this bibliography is provided by byHeart Software Limited (West Vancouver, BC), with additional resources provided by Ledalite Architectural Products Inc. (Langley, BC). Special thanks are extended to Peter Murphy of Ledalite for his support of this work.
Funding for the ongoing maintenance of this bibliography is provided by byHeart Consultants Limited (West Vancouver, BC) and an ACM SIGGRAPH Special Projects grant.
radiative transfer theory, radiosity, global illumination

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