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Pierre Poulin <poulin @ cs . princeton . edu> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
This bibliography contains a collection of computer graphics related references. Beware, this bibliography is not complete by itself! Moreover, it is likely it is full of typing errors, missing information, missing articles...
Author Comments:
The bibliographies have been collected from a collection of various ftp sites. The main contribution comes from the bibliography compiled by Gunther Schrack. It was available from Nasa Ames, Eugene Mya. The personal bibliography of Alain Fournier was then added, followed by the ray tracing bibliography and the radiosity bibliography. Some other bibliographies available from the net have also been collected. Finally, I added myself several of the latest issues of IEEE CGA, TOG and Siggraph. If you find errors or want to add some entries, please add or modify the related file. Each file corresponds to a specific year plus a special file for books. Try to remain ``standard'' with the previous entries. I wrote an ``imager'' bibliography style file that follows the current standards. BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU CHANGE ANYTHING AND RUN THE MAKEFILE TO UPDATE THE CUMULATIVE FILE. Make sure you do not leave any blank line in the ``annote'' field. If you read a paper and want to add some comments in the annote field, please feel free to do it. This is not required but it is more useful to have them, even if some are wrong, than to not have anything. Adding keywords is also useful for future search in this database.
This bibliography was integrated into the ACM SIGGRAPH Online Bibliography

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