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Bibliography on Form Features and Feature-based Design

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Information on the Bibliography

Mike Pratt <pratt @ cme . nist . gov> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Manufacturing Systems Integration Division
Building 220, Room A127
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-0001
This bibliography primarily contains references to research in
  1. automated feature recognition from geometric models, and
  2. applications of form features in mechanical engineering design, group technology coding, process planning, assembly planning, tolerancing and related areas.
Since there has been an enormous volume of work in these areas in recent years I have not been able to keep the bibliography up to date, but it does provide a fairly comprehensive coverage of early and seminal papers and theses. From time to time I add new entries of publications that seem to me to be especially significant, but I make no attempt to add everything that appears on features-related topics. A few references are included to papers concerning features in the context of robot vision, but the bibliography is not intended to be exhaustive in this field. Coverage is much more complete in the areas of robotics and kinematics generally as they affect assembly modelling and tolerancing theory. Some papers on tools for concurrent engineering are included.

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