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Duane Marble <marble . 1 @ osu . edu> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
Department of Geography
Ohio State University
036 Derby Hall
154 North Oval Mall
Columbus, Oh 43210

Donna Peuquet
Pennsylvania State University

public domain
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are specialized computer systems for the storage, retrieval, analysis, and display of large volumes of spatial or map type data. As such, they represent a highly specialized area with respect to both their technical development and their application within a large number of disciplines concerned with spatial data handling. GIS applications are growing at an explosive rate in both the public and private sectors. The application of this new technology is changing the way we work in areas ranging from forestry to emergency medical response systems.
geographic information system, GIS, spatial data, geographical database
Readme 2:
The project proposes to address these goals through the construction and operation of an easily accessible, public-domain, bibliographic database that will be available to all components of the GIS community. The database will address both technical and applications-oriented topics and will be international in its scope. Materials to be covered by the project will encompass books, journal articles, conference proceedings on an individual paper basis, fugitive technical reports, etc. Operationally, the database will be split into technical and applications-oriented components for reasons of efficiency and ease of use. It is also planned that, in so far as possible, the bibliographic databases will be maintained in an extended form, that is, with the addition of such material as abstracts, tables of content, etc., as well as basic citations.
Readme 1:
The primary goal of the GIS Master Bibliography Project is to provide an infrastructure component that will increase the efficiency of both technical and applcations-oriented workers in the area of geographic information systems. A secondary goal is to provide a database from which a comprehensive picture of the current state of development in GIS can be established, and from which measurements of the rate of development can be established.

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