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Adding a complete bibliography to the computer science bibliography collection

Contributing to the bibliography collection is very easy if your bibliography is in a standard format and available via an FTP or WWW server. You need not install any special software or worry about updates, all that is handled by my scripts. If you have a bibliography which you would like to contribute to the bibliography collection, then please read the following.

A local copy will be automatically kept up-to-date by mirroring your bibliography and will be searchable by the various search engines for the bibliography.

There are just a few criteria for a bibliography to be included directly into the bibliography collection:

If you bibliography fits the criteria, then you only need to provide some information on your bibliography.


The bibliography must be contained in a single, plaintext file and be in one of the accepted formats.


The bibliography should either

If your

then you should submit your bibliography elsewhere.


If the bibliography will be maintained:
The bibliography must be accessible either

The bibliography should be compressed using either "compress" or "gzip" (preferred). The bibliography must reside in a single file and the filename must not change (hence, encoding a date into the filename is not a good idea. Dates can determined via the FTP or HTTP protocols).

Only if the bibliography will not be maintained any more:
Just mail the bibliography together with some information on the bibliography to me at and I will install it. Note, that you will not be able to update the copy of the bibliography any more.

Information on the bibliography

To install the bibliography I need some information on the bibliography:

Mandatory information
Title of the bibliography:
URL of the bibliography:
Format of the bibliography:
Name(s) of author(s), editor(s) or contact person:
Author's or contact email address:
Optional information
URL to the author's homepage:
author's or contact's affiliation:
URL to the home page of the author's institution:
Abstract describing the scope of the bibliography:
Suggested subject area:
Supported? Indicate yes if you plan to update your bibliography in the future.
Further comments on the bibliography (on format, annotations, acknowledgments, disclaimers, ...):
You can specify if you want your bibliography to be distributed as a whole (default) or if you only want to allow users to search it. If you choose the Search only mode, then the bibliography will not accessible as a whole in the collection, it will not be distributed to mirror sites of the collection and the source URL you indicated above will not appear in the HTML page for the bibliography: your bibliography will only be searchable at the home site for the bibliography collection:
URL(s) pointing to the same bibliography in other formats, at other sites or search interfaces:

Please give your name and email address if you are not the author of this bibliography:

See the title pages for the other bibliographies in the collection for an idea of what belongs there.

Please do not send me any HTML code, just send me plaintext or LaTeX info on the issues mentioned above.

Send this information to me at or fill out the form above.

Please understand that I cannot list every resource, but only those that exhibit a certain degree of scope and comprehensiveness.

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