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11691 Bibliography for the SIGPLAN Notices (2018)
8525 Bibliography on the JAVA programming language (2021)
8146 Bibliography on the Fortran programming language (2021)
5918 Bibliographies of various confererences in the area of computer architecture, compilers and related fields (2002)
5073 Bibliography on Programming Languages and Compiler Construction (1996)
3335 The Garbage Collection Bibliography (2021)
2880 Warwick bibliography related to functional languages (1994)
2492 Bibliography of the C/C++ Users Journal (2005)
2437 Bibliography of publications in the journal Science of Computer Programming (2021)
2087 Bibliography on programming languages (2021)
1942 Bibliography for the ACM SIGAda Ada Letters (2021)
1806 Bibliography on Compilers (1992)
1644 Bibliography on Lisp from 1960-1992 (1992)
1304 A bibliography on optimizing and parallelizing compilers (1999)
1244 Forth Bibliography (2005)
1158 Bibliography for the ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems (TOPLAS) (2021)
1140 Bibliography on Attribute Grammars (1999)
952 Bibliography on Programming Languages, Compilers, and Computer Architecture (2019)
887 Bibliography of publications about Python, an object-oriented scripting and programming language (2021)
880 Bibliography of the Ada User Journal (2016)
856 Bibliography of publications in the electronic magazine JavaWorld (1999)
843 Bibliography on Semantics (2010)
748 Bibliography of garbage collection and (to lesser degrees) memory hierarchies and other aspects of heap management (like persistence) (1995)
737 Bibliography of the journal Computer Languages (2018)
736 Bibliography on the theory of programming languages (1995)
677 A Bibliography on Garbage Collection (1994)
646 Bibliography on partial evaluation and mixed computation (1998)
628 Bibliography on Semantics Based Program Analysis and Manipulation (from Semantics (TOPPS) group of DIKU) (2010)
598 Bibliography on the Common LISP language (2020)
514 Constraint Handling Rules Bibliography (2013)
470 Bibliography on compiler-related issues (1994)
469 Bibliography on the programming language Ada (1990)
449 Bibliography containing references to (categorical) logic in computer science and type theory (1994)
442 Papers and talks produced by the Institut für Computersprachen, TU Wien (2019)
397 Bibliography of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards for computer programming languages (2021)
360 Bibliography on the mathematics of program construction (1993)
357 Abstract Interpretation Bibliography (1993)
341 Bibliography of the Computer Language magazine (1993)
332 Bibliography on programming languages and compilers technology (2013)
253 Bibliography of the magazine "Java Report" (1998)
234 Bibliography for the magazine C++ Report (1997)
199 Bibliography for the Journal of C Language Translation (1995)
184 Bibliography of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards for computer programming languages (2011)
176 Bibliography on Applicative Programming and Specification (with emphasis on ML) (1994)
169 Bibliography on compilers (1990)
157 Bibliography of Persistence Papers at St Andrews University (1999)
140 The bibliography of the ICSLA project (1997)
131 State in Functional Programming: An Annotated Bibliography (1993)
117 Bibliography on Code Compaction (2002)
113 Bibliography of the Publications of the Programming Languages and Compilers Group at University of Paderborn, Germany (2003)
113 Bibliography on the programming language and operating system Oberon (1998)
113 Bibliography on optimizing compilers (1988)
106 static single assignment form (2013)
93 Bibliography on Action Semantics (1997)
54 Bibliography on the Icon programming language (2010)
42 Bibliography of ACM Letters on Programming Languages and Systems (LOPLAS) (1993)
39 Journées Francophones des Langages Applicatifs (2001)
37 Bibliography on publications about, or based on, the AT&T/Princeton lcc C compiler (2004)
22 Proceedings of the 1992 ACM Workshop on ML and its Applications (1992)
17 Proceedings of the 1992 ACM Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Semantics-Based Program Manipulation (PEPM) (1992)
14 ``Code Generation — Concepts, Tools, Techniques'', Proceedings of the International Workshop on Code Generation, Dagstuhl, Germany, 20-24 May 1991 (1991)
10 Bibliography of the proceedings of the First Workshop on C++ Template Programming (2000)
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