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Bibliography of the Tutorial ``Representation of Spatial Knowledge'' at IJCAI-95, Montreal

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Information on the Bibliography

Daniel Hernández <danher @ informatik . tu-muenchen . de> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
Ai/Cognition Group
Theoretical Informatics and Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
Technical University of Munich

Amitabha Mukerjee <amit @ iitk . ernet . in> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
Indian Institute of Technology
Kanpur 208016, India

Bibliography of the Tutorial ``Representation of Spatial Knowledge'' at IJCAI-95, Montreal.

Mukerjee, Amitabha; and Hernandez, Daniel; 1995
Representation of Spatial Knowledge
Tutorial Notes from IJCAI-95, Montreal, August 20, 1995. Also available asãmit/tutijcai.html

knowledge representation, spatial reasoning
Author Comments:
The majority of these entries were created by Daniel Hernandez; they were merged with some entries from the bibliography maintained by Amit Mukerjee.

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