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Information on the Bibliography

Carlos-Andrés Peña-Reyes <c . penha @ ieee . org> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
Logic Systems Laboratory (LSL)
Swiss federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL)
Carlos-Andrés Peña-Reyes 1999
This bibliography presents mainly journal papers related with the application of evolutionary computation to problems in the medical domains. It is classified both according to the medical task addressed and according to the evolutionary technique used.
evolutionary computation, medical applications
Author Comments:
  1. This bibliography include (mainly) references to journal papers, so please do not contribute with conference references.
  2. Five fields were added to each input:
    • evoltechn: Evolutionary technique applied
    • othertechn: Other techniques applied (besides evolutionary ones)
    • medicaltask: Medical task where EC is applied
    • medicaldomain: Medical domain.
    • compared: Other techniques used to compare performance of EC.
    These five fields were completed according with my limited understanding of EC and medicine, please feel free to send comments, changes, suggestions, etc.
  3. To contribute new references, please send an e-mail with the biblioigraphy in (preferably) bibtex format and whenever possible a copy of the paper (electronic or hard). I would like to verify the information :-)

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