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William Langdon <W . Langdon @ cs . ucl . ac . uk> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
University College, London
Papers contained in the CEC proceedings
biological modeling/ breast cancer, biological modelling, classifiers, coevolution, constraint handling, control system design, controlling search, design applications, devices developement and applications, dynamic and parallel ec, ec techniques, ecological modelling and information ecosystems, engineering applications, evolutionary markets, evolutionary scheduling, evolvable hardware, evolving neural networks, fitness, games and game like tasks, genetic algorithms, genetic programming, hybrid systems, image processing applications, image/ signal processing, intelligent agents, learning and search spaces, local search optimization, medical applications, multi-agent systems and cultural algorithms, multi-objective optimization, network applications, new paradigms, novel applications, novel themes, operations research applications, representations, revisiting the fossil record, robotic applications, stroganoff, system modeling and control, theory and foundations, time series

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