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Karl Berry <karl @ cs . umb . edu> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
135 Center Hill Rd. Plymouth, MA 02360 USA
This file defines publisher and publisher address abbreviations. Entries are alphabetical. The abbreviations all start with the prefix `pub-'.
Publisher tags are constructed by choosing one or two of the ``important'' words in the name, and possibly abbreviating them. `University' in a publisher name is abbreviated to just `u', or, more commonly, omitted entirely. Bigger publishers get shorter abbreviations; for example, `Addison-Wesley' is just `pub-aw'.
Address tags are the same as for the corresponding publishers, with the addition of the suffix `:adr'.
For some of the large international publishing houses, I abbreviate the address. You may wish to omit the address information entirely, as Mary-Claire van Leunen suggests. Readers can find the address of Addison-Wesley, say, with little trouble.

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