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Bibliography of the Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing
Bibliography of the journal Parallel and Distributed Computing Practices (PDCP) (no CODEN, ISSN 1097-2803)
Bibliography of the Journal of Grid Computing (CODEN none, ISSN 1570-7873), published by Kluwer Academic Publishers
Bibliography on Wireless networks
Domain Decomposition Bibliography
Bibliography of the journal IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems
Bibliography for the IBM Journal of Research and Development
Bibliography of publications about the PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) software, and its close relative, MPI (Message Passing Interface)
Publications by "The Science and Information (SAI) Organization"
Bibliography for the Workshops on Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing
Bibliography on publications about supercomputers and supercomputing
Bibliography on the journal IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking
Bibliography of the journal Future Generation Computer Systems
Bibliography of publications in the journal Computer Networks
Bibliography of the journal Parallel Computing
The Garbage Collection Bibliography
Bibliography on the Internet
Bibliography of the journal Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience
Bibliography of the journal Scientific Programming
Bibliography for The Journal of Supercomputing
Bibliography on Knowledge Spaces
Bibliography of publications on the HP/Intel IA-64 architecture
Bibliography of the electronic journal IEEE Distributed Systems Online
Bibliography of the journal IEEE Parallel and Distributed Technology: Systems and Applications
Bibliography of the journal IEEE Concurrency
Bibliography on the AT&T Plan 9 distributed operating system
Bibliography of the International Journal of Parallel Programming
Bibliography of books and other publications about virtual machines
Bibliography on ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks (ISSN 1550-4859)
Bibliography for the International Journal of Supercomputer Applications and High Performance Computing
Bibliography of publications in the journal Computer Networks: The International Journal of Distributed Informatique
Bibliography of Internet RFC (Request for Comment) documents
Bibliography of publications in the journal Computer Networks and ISDN Systems: The International Journal of Computer and Telecommunications Networking
Bibliography for the SIGPLAN Notices
ePub-WU OAI Archive (Vienna Univ. of Econ. and B.A.)
Bibliography on the journal ACM Transactions on Internet Technology
Bibliography of Parallel Processing Letters
Bibliography of papers published in the proceedings of the Supercomputing conference
Bibliography of the International Journal of High Speed Computing
Bibliography of the journal Concurrency: Practice and Experience
Bibliography of publications in the journal Parallel Algorithms and Applications
Bibliography of the Proceedings of the Congress on Evolutionary Computation
Bibliography of the proceedings of the Parallel Problem Solving from Nature - PPSN International Conference
Publications of the Distributed Systems Group at Trinity College, Dublin
Bibliography on Parallel and Vector Numerical Algorithms
Bibliography of the Parallel Scientific Computing and Simulation Group at the University of Amsterdam
Bibliography of Team Automata
Bibliography on Mobile Computing, Adaptive Systems and Distributed Computing
A Bibliography on Load Balancing and Fault-Tolerance in Workstation Clusters
Bibliography on distributed systems and networking
Bibliography for the Parallel Workloads Archive
Bibliography on computer workload modeling
Heinrich Heine University, Duesseldorf, computer networks group
Bibliography on transport protocols for multimedia
Multiprocessor/Distributed Processing Bibliography
Gary T. Leavens' personal bibliography
Bibliography on parallel processing
Dependable Distributed Systems Group Bibliography
Publications of the Distributed Multimodal Information Processing Group
Bibliography on Parallel I/O
Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience. Scientific International Journal for Parallel and Distributed Computing
Paolo Ciancarini's personal bibliography
Bibliography of the journal Supercomputer
Bibliography on the Frequency Assignment Problem
Special issue on Distributed data management
Publications of the Parallel and Distributed Systems (PDS) group of the Delft University of Technology
Bibliographies of all WoTUG and OUG conferences
Parallel Evolutionary Algorithms and other Metaheuristics
Complexity International
Parallel Processing Letters
Software Process: Modeling, Evaluation and Improvement
Software Test Process and Test Process Improvement
A bibliography on optimizing and parallelizing compilers
A large bibliography on theory/foundations of computer science
The HCI Bibliography
Bibliography of EU FP6-IST Project Akogrimo
Special issue on Distributed data management
Matthias Wiesmann's Personal Bibliography on Replicated Persistent Data
MGNet Bibliography on multigrid, multilevel, and domain decomposition methods
Bibliography of the publications of the AI Research Group at University Koblenz, Germany
Bibliography of publications of the Distributed and Embedded Systems Group at the University of Twente
Bibliography of the EPFL Operating Systems Lab (EPFL-DI-LSE)
Bibliography of Internet FYI (For Your Information) documents
Bibliography of Internet STD (Standard) documents
Bibliography on Parallel Simulation of Neural Networks and Parallel Processing in general
Bibliography relating to parallel and vector algorithms for linear algebra problems
Bibliography of Grammar Systems
Bibliographies of various confererences in the area of computer architecture, compilers and related fields
A Comprehensive Bibliography of Distributed Shared Memory
Bibliography of the publications of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Bibliography relating to the Inmos Transputer
Bibliography of the First International Working Conference on Active Networks (IWAN '99)
Bibliography of the magazine Supercomputing Review
Bibliography of the SEL-HPC Article Archive
Web caching bibliography
Bibliography on Formal Methods for Distributed Systems and Multi-Agent Systems
Bibliography on Mobile Computing
Bibliography on Parallel Grammars
Bibliography of the ParCo conferences
Bibliography of the technical reports of the University of Warwick
A comprehensive bibliography on self-stabilization
Bibliography of the publications of the Jacaranda Research Group
Bibliography of the publications of the Systems Research Group, Networks and Operating Systems, at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
Bibliography of the Signal Transmission And Recording (STAR) Group
Bibliography on Memetic algorithms
The IMMD IV Bibliography on Operating Systems
Bibliography on object-oriented languages and models
Bibliography of the International Journal of Computer and Information Sciences
Bibliography of the Globus Project
Bibliography of "Distributed and Parallel Databases"
Bibliography of "Distributed Computing"
Bibliography of "Workshop on Distributed Algorithms"
Bibliography of "Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing"
Bibliography of "ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing"
Bibliography on fault-tolerance and self-stabilization
A Bibliography on Concurrent Objects
Bibliography of the book "Research Directions in Parallel Functional Programming"
Bibliography of the Proceedings of the Australasian Computer Architecture Conference
Technical Reports of the Distributed High Performance Computing Group, Adelaide University
Bibliography on simulation
A bibliography on complexity and information
Bibliography on publications relating to the matrices distributed by the Matrix Market
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) bibliography
References for Least Squares Methods
Bibliography of the "Journal of Symbolic Computation"
Bibliography of the technical reports of the Center for Parallel Computing (ZPR) at the University of Köln
Bibliography for Thomas Ulrich Zeugmann
Bibliography of the SSDS group
ACM SIGGRAPH Online Bibliography
Bibliography on ATM networks (from the archives of the comp.dcom.cell-relay newsgroup)
Bibliography on Matrix computations
Bibliography on domain decomposition
Bibliography of the technical reports of the Research Institute for Symbolic Computation (RISC)
Bibliography on Concurrent Scientific Computing
Bibliography for Beny Neta
Bibliography of the technical reports of the Computer Systems Group at the University of Edinburgh
Bibliography of Networks Research Documents
Bibliography on Compilers
Mobile Systems Bibliography
Bibliography on the Linda coordination language
Sorting Bibliography
Scheduling Bibliography
Bibliography on Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems
Bibliography of "High Performance Compilers for Parallel Computing"
Bibliography on Parallel Processing from RISC
Bibliography on Computational Number Theory
Bibliography on Randomization in Sequential and Distributed Algorithms
Bibliography on intelligent agents and multi-agent systems
Bibliography on combinatorial optimization
Bibliography on selected topics of Mathematical Optimization
Minimax Game Tree Searching: A Bibliography
An annotated bibliography of computer supported cooperative work
Proceedings of the First European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (EC-CSCW '89)
Bibliography on Computer Networking
Bibliography on simulation of (local) networks
bibliography on distributed file systems
Bibliography on gigabit or high-speed networks
Bibliography on fault tolerant distributed systems
Bibliography for the International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, 1989 - 1990
Bibliography on computer clusters
Bibliography of the 12th Annual ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing (PODC 93)
Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW '92)
Bibliography on distributed simulation
Bibliography on distributed file systems
Bibliography on Gesturing in Group Support Systems
Mobile Computing Bibliography
Peter B. Danzig's personal bibliographic collection
Bibliography on time in distributed systems
Bibliography on distributed shells
Bibliography accompanying the ISODE distribution
The MACH bibliography
Computer Networking Bibliography
Bibliography on secure protocols
Bibliography on wavelength-division-multiplexing (WDM) networks
Bibliography on queueing systems and telecommunication
A Bibliography on Garbage Collection
Bibliography on compiler-related issues
Bibliography of Technical Reports: Institute for Parallel Computation
A bibliography on parallel genetic algorithms
Bibliography on synchronization of concurrent processes
Bibliography on load balancing
All issues of the Journal of Supercomputing up to volume 6 (1992)
Bibliography on parallel computational geometry
Bibliography on Distributed Memory Systems
Bibliography of "Designing and Building Parallel Programs"
bibliography on parallel object-oriented programming/systems
Bibliography on Parallel Performance Benchmarking
Bibliography on Parallel and Distributed Debuggers
Bibliography on the Perfect Benchmarks
Bibliography on scheduling and mapping on parallel and distributed computers
Bibliography on Loadbalancing
A bibliography on multiprocessors
Bibliography on Parallel Rendering
A Parallel Computer Vision Bibliography
Bibliography on vectorizing compilers
Bibliography of the pulications of the Ultracomputer group
Bibliography on concurrency in object-oriented systems
Bibliography on data prefetching
Bibliography on taxonomies for parallel and distributed systems
Bibliography on Cellular Automata
Bibliography on Instruction-Level Parallel Processing: History, Overview and Perspective
Bibliography of the Sixth Workshop on Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing (1993)
Bibliography of Parallel Symbolic Computation
Bibliography on architecture independent parallelism
Bibliography on parallel branch-and-bound algorithms
Bibliography on communication and routing in interconnection networks
Parallel Functional Programming — An Annotated Bibliography
Object-Oriented and Operating Systems bibliography
Bibliography for Jingling Xue
Bibliography for Tim Hopkins
Bibliography for Stefano Foresti

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